Green Living App Helps Users Make Eco-Concious Decisions

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For some, transforming their current lifestyle into a greener, environmentally conscious one, can feel overwhelming. Many want to make the transition, but don’t know where to begin.

The eEcosphere app aims to slowly immerse newly green advocates into the world of sustainability by helping them identify minor changes that could make a big difference.

The app offers small bites of advice, such as substituting paper bags for plastic, and instructs users on tips such as buying a reusable grocery bag. It uses crowdsourcing to create a green discussion on the app. More experienced green advocates can add their own tips for going green. Users can also help identify environmentally conscious businesses in their area, so that others can make eco-concious spending decisions.

The app hopes to connect like-minded people while building a community bent on making small green decisions daily.

Andrew Krause, a graduate of Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability (SoS) along with his mentor and senior scientist at ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability George Basile and two former classmates, launched the platform.

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“Everyday, a person makes a variety of decisions, driven by default, often outdated habits,” Krause told ASU News. “Take, for example, the way we choose to do laundry. There are a number of emerging opportunities to be smarter – like using less water and a non-toxic detergent during the process – but changing habits may be hard.”

The app, currently available on the iOS platform, was tested by the ASU community. The university set a goal of becoming a zero-waste campus by 2015.

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