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Israeli App Helps Southern Israelis Find Relaxation Up North

• Jul. 29, 2014 • Peace & CultureComments (0)1641

Tech startups often bemoan the abundance of resources devoted to creating meaningless applications, instead of using their revolutionary tools to solve real world problems.

But in recent months, we’ve seen a shift in purpose. Even apps intended to be meaningless, such as Yo, have found ways to make their technology useful. Now a startup in Israel that connects consumers to a virtual marketplace of goods, has repurposed its technology and created an app that connects war-weary southern Israelis to temporary peace of mind in the north.

The app, called South Aid, was designed by Israeli startup Wispa. It connects residents of southern Israel, that have lived for weeks now under incessant sirens and fear, to residents in northern Israel willing to host them.

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Wispa’s marketplace has been called a “virtual garage sale.” Their technology allows Wispa to quickly and effectively scan social media to connect people who have posted about a particular item they may be selling, with potential buyers. Wispa connects the two and they can then decide if it’s a match and if they will make the transaction.

“Our technology knows how to parse through the social networks and find the people who are seeking each other, but don’t realize it yet,” Netanel Teicher, Wispa’s CEO told The Times of Israel. ”We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on this, and we are very proud to make our own little contribution to helping those who need a hand during these difficult times.”

Teicher went on to explain that Wispa, and the idea of spreading information, and connecting people through word of mouth, is very intrinsically ‘Israeli.’ The culture is just being facilitated by technology.

For more information, visit Times of Israel.

Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

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