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Lakey: A Traveling Street Artist Dons a Suit and Tie to Challenge Perspectives

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Lakey, 27, wasn’t always a traveling street artist.

He had, what some would call, the quintessential “real job”; the type of job that requires an office cubicle and a suit and tie.   But he wanted to do more. He wanted to inspire. So for the past three years he’s been making art and traveling around the country. While he moves from city to city on a whim, and may seem to be wandering, it’s with a very clear purpose: to challenge people to seek greater perceptions and to become more aware of different perspectives.

After his first tour, Lakey decided to pull the suit and tie back out of the closet in an effort to bridge the perceived divide between business and art. He’s working to shatter the notion that a person has to fit into some sort of mold; to show that life doesn’t have to be black or white. It’s not always thrilling. Sometimes he sleeps on the streets and other times he finds places to stay. But it is rewarding.

TruthAtlas had the chance to speak with Lakey about evolution, the Suit and Tie Tour, and what his grandma thinks of his new haircut. 


Lakey working on a piece of art in Austin at SXSW 2014.

TruthAtlas: Was there a particular incident that prompted you to change your path in life and take your art on the road?

Lakey: It was a perfect storm of events but I have wanted to travel vagabond style since I was a little kid. A mixture of too many Bob Dylan books, a small taste of street performing, ending relationships, and a strong wanderlust sealed the deal though.

TA: Why the suit and tie?

Lakey: To grab people’s attention and make them think. The artists scared of wearing ties, the business man scared of being homeless, and the beggar scared of trying something new. I like to speak to as many people at once without having to say a word. That, and it makes me money.

TA: What do you view as the best tool for people wanting to invoke change in the world?

Lakey: People who want to change the world must use everything as a tool. Money, technology, time, relationships, anything they can wrap their mind around.

TA: If there was one message your art could send to the world, what would it be?

Lakey: To create, always create and connect.

TA: Is there a particular person or idea that motivates you the most?

Lakey: Evolution. I believe changing society from a consumer society to a creator society is one of the first steps in evolving.

TA: What’s one piece of advice you’d offer 19-year-old Lakey?

Lakey: Draw lines.

TA: What do you think is the secret to life?

Lakey: Create passionately and liberally while consuming consciously, conservatively.

TA: Where do you draw your energy?

Lakey: Unsure…from within…


TA: What’s something you think people would be surprised to know about you?

Lakey: I grew up in foster care and poverty.

TA: Is there one city you still call home? 

Lakey: I live in Austin but San Antonio is still home.

TA: What is the single piece of advice you would give to inspire others?

Lakey: Do something you are passionate about that benefits you and the world you live in.

TA: What’s your biggest goal in life?

Lakey: For myself and humanity to evolve to gods and live in a heaven of our own united creation…you asked for the biggest…

TA: When you get your own apartment, what’s the first thing you’ll do?

Lakey: Cover the walls with art and start a party.

TA: Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? 

Lakey: They imitate each other.

TA: Favorite artist?

Lakey: Picasso

TA: Does your grandma like your new haircut?

Lakey: Always.

To see more of Lakey’s art, or to find out where he’ll be next, follow him on Facebook here.


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