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New Law Could Make Denver ‘One Big Farmer’s Market’

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There are still millions of people around the U.S. who have little to no access to fresh, whole produce.

Most of the problem stems, not from a lack of food, but from challenges in stringent regulation and the logistics in moving the food from areas of excess to areas of need. But now, a recently passed law that takes effect tomorrow, could turn Denver into, what some are calling, ‘one big farmer’s market.’

The law allows Denver residents to sell fresh produce they have grown themselves, as well as food they may have made such as salsas and jams, from their home.  The law will not only free-up the movement of fresh produce, but may also spur more entrepreneurial endeavors that could help families support themselves.

Recently, organizations such as Every Last Morsel, a site poised to launch in coming months that has been described as an Etsy for food, have pushed to reduce food waste by getting excess produce into needy hands. Every Last Morsel, a Chicago-based startup, would provide a platform for local farmers and family gardeners to sell or give away excess food. However, these sites are often relegated to whole foods only, where as the new Denver law will allow residents to sell (within limits) home-prepared foods, or “cottage foods.”

“Denver has always been known as a city that appreciates ‘farm-to-table’ and using fresh produce and locally sourced foods, but this new law creates a whole new level of urban farming that will allow the city to become one big farmer’s market,” Richard Scharf, president & CEO of VISIT DENVER, said in a press release.

Denver residents will be required to purchase a permit, but will then be able to sell from their home raw and uncut fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that were grown by the seller either on site or in a community garden.  They will also be able to sell whole eggs produced by chickens or ducks kept by the seller at home. People can sell from their home from 8 a.m. to dusk and can sell up to $5,000 of goods a year.

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