Purchasing the Right Golf Putters

Golf-Putters There are so many golf putters out there to choose from that most are finding it hard to choose just by thinking about all the different options out there. Putters, along with drivers, are the clubs that a golfer is most likely going to replace the most. Finding the right one can be a nightmare if a person has no clue on what to do.

Golfers cannot just waltz into a store and buy the putter that they think is best for them. Feel and personal preference are important factors, but there are other important factors that go way beyond those two. People need to think more about the Golf Putters they are getting less they waste so much money on using the wrong putters.

Buying putters does not have to be a difficult task if people only acquired the information on what gives a putter the right stuff. Below are a few tips for golfers who are on the market for getting themselves new putters.

Knowing the right alignment

Alignment is one of the most important elements of making an excellent put. An expert has gone on to say that any shot that goes into the hole made with a putter that is not properly aligned to its target is simply a fluke. There are so many different putters out there. Some putters are easier to align for some golfers than others.

Golfers must find that putter that they can easily align with their target. It is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, important keys to getting the best golf putters out there. Golfers may want to use tools designed for alignment-training so they can assure that the putter is properly lined up.

Thinking about the loft

Loft is important on putters just like with almost every other golf clubs. Most putters are made with a loft of around four degrees. However, there are putters which can either go above or below the general four degree rule.

Golfers whose hands are in front of the ball when the putter makes contact will need to add a bit of loft to the putter. Now if the hands are at the back of the ball upon impact, then the loft of the putter needs to be reduced. Putters are capable of being bent to different lofts. Finding the right one can depend on circumstances particular to players on a case to case basis.

Getting the loft wrong can result in the golf ball bouncing along instead of making it roll on the grass.

Getting the length right

Golf PuttersAnother important consideration when getting golf putters is to always get the length right. Putters vary greatly in length. Usually, putters measure somewhere between 33 to 36 inches in length. The length of the putter depends largely on the golfer’s height and their posture.

A majority of tour players prefer to use putters with a short length. Shorter putters are preferred because their arms extended when they make a shot. The extended arms help to eliminate hand movements when a putting stroke is made. The length of the putter can be adjusted to satisfy the needs of each individual golfer.



Looking at the putter’s sole

A putter’s sole is important in determining its performance. It is a must that the putter’s sole is flat to the ground. If the sole is not flat to the ground, then the golfer making the stroke will have a difficult time in making the ball roll straight.

What determines whether the putter is flat to the ground is the angle of the putter head that is attached to the shaft. Golf putters with sole’s flat to the ground are more likely to make successful straight shots than those that are not.


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